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Please let us know what additional resources we can post that would help you better engage with our County elected and staff officials or better understand the development and infrastructure issues of concern both to residents of Reston as well as greater Fairfax County.

How to Measure Density:

This helpful guide by the Density Atlas explains three common measures of density: Building Density as measured by the Floor-Area Ratio (or FAR), which describes the intensity of development; Dwelling Unit Density as measured by number of marketable dwelling units (DU) on a given parcel of land; and Population Density (POP) as measured by the number of people residing on a given parcel.  (Here’s a pdf that you can download: The Density Atlas)

Reston Master Plan:

Reston Association has extensive information on the Reston Master Plan Task Force on its website, including background on the task force and links to the Fairfax P&Z website which publishes the Reston Master Plan, including its periodic updates (see Section III).

Email addresses:

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors email addresses: BOS email addresses

Fairfax County Planning Commission email address:

Suggested texts for letters

Please check our page with suggested texts for letters to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and Fairfax County Planning Commission.

Reston community meetings

Handout from our 23 April 2018 meeting: CPR handout_23 Apr 2018