CPR formally objects to PRC zoning ordinance plans

Yesterday, the Coalition for a Planned Reston sent the following letter to Supervisor Hudgins, as well as to the other members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, formally objecting to the Supervisor’s plan to bring the proposed increase in Reston’s PRC zoning density before the Board on Tuesday, 4 December. (A pdf of the letter can be downloaded from the Correspondence section of this website.) The Reston Association Board of Directors has also sent a separate letter, reiterating identical concerns.

November 29, 2018

Dear Supervisor Hudgins:

The Coalition for a Planned Reston (CPR) is deeply concerned and dismayed by the announcement that you have requested County staff to move forward with the proposed PRC Zoning Ordinance Amendment.  For the reasons explained below, we strongly urge you to withdraw your request immediately and to complete the community dialogue to which you committed.

This past summer your staff, County officials and representatives from the Reston Association (RA) and CPR met in four working groups to examine significant issues arising from the Revised Reston Master Plan, which Continue reading “CPR formally objects to PRC zoning ordinance plans”


How to measure density

This helpful guide by the Density Atlas explains three common measures of density:

  • Building Density as measured by the Floor-Area Ratio (or FAR), which describes the intensity of development;
  • Dwelling Unit Density as measured by number of marketable dwelling units (DU) on a given parcel of land; and
  • Population Density (POP) as measured by the number of people residing on a given parcel.

Each of these measures a different aspect of density and each is helpful in understanding the intensity of development being proposed. In meetings where proposed developments are being discussed here in Reston, FAR and Continue reading “How to measure density”

Thanks, CPR supporters! (Plus, another P&Z meeting!)

Hello CPR supporters!

I’m posting the agenda for Monday evening’s Reston P&Z meeting (6.25.18 P and Z agenda) but wanted to share some additional thoughts.

First, for all who attended last Monday’s P&Z meeting (18 June), please accept our heartfelt thanks. Someone who attends regularly said there are usually only 4-5 residents present at these meetings. But Monday at least 15 people were there, including several up on the front Continue reading “Thanks, CPR supporters! (Plus, another P&Z meeting!)”

Reston P&Z Board, 18 June

The published agenda for the Reston Planning & Zoning Board meeting on 18 June is attached here:  6.18.18 P and Z agenda

Specific projects to be discussed and voted on include:

  • 11111 Sunset Hills — informational, request to rezone the property (across the street from the US Post Office) to permit the construction of 426,678 square feet of new development, including 13 townhouses and a 175-unit condo/apartment building, as well as 226,678 square feet of office or other space.
  • Sunrise Technology Center (aka Core Site) — rezoning request for 12369A, 12343 and 12379 Sunrise Valley (west of the Geological Survey complex) to convert existing buildings into a data center complex.
  • Reston Town Center West/JBG — request to rezone the site at 12100, 12110, and 12120 Sunset Hills Road to allow the construction of two new multi-family residential buildings (675,000 square feet) and three new office buildings (650,000 square feet).
  • Pulte/Sunrise Valley — request to rezone 12700 Sunrise Valley Drive to allow 44 new townhouses and a parking garage

This meeting will begin at 7:30 Continue reading “Reston P&Z Board, 18 June”