Write to the Board, attend the Plan Comm meeting

As Fairfax County moves forward with the process to approve an amendment to increase the density cap in Reston, CPR asks that you write to the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commissioners (contact info provided below) and plan to attend the January 23 meeting of the Planning Commission at the Fairfax County Government Center at 7:00 pm. If possible, please wear YELLOW. (Yellow CPR t-shirts can be purchased by emailing reclaimreston1@gmail.com.) More details about this meeting will be shared in the coming days.

The following Reston Now article by Reston Citizens Association President Dennis Hays provides CPR’s view on why the amendment is unnecessary and damaging to Reston. Feel free to borrow in your email and letters to County officials.

Ten Reasons to Keep PRC cap at 13

Fairfax County has proposed to increase the population cap of the Reston Planned Residential Community district (PRC) from the long-standing 13 persons per acre (ppa) to as many as 15 persons per acre — which, when combined with already approved projects, would add an additional 30,000 people above our current population for the established, primarily residential areas of Reston. Please keep in mind this doesn’t include the areas around the Metro, where the county is on track to authorize building enough high rises to add an additional 80,000 residents.

Here are 10 reasons why the cap should be left alone. There Continue reading “Write to the Board, attend the Plan Comm meeting”


Proposed high-density growth map

Posting here as reference the map issued by Fairfax County staff of the specific areas in Reston’s Planned Residential Community (PRC) proposed for high-density development. The area in lime-green is what’s called the PRC — the residential areas in Reston where most of us live. The “hot spots” (my term, not Fairfax County’s) are identified in orange.

Reston PRC land and high-density growth areas

Fairfax has also provided a specific list of how many Continue reading “Proposed high-density growth map”

Reston to Fairfax: stop and listen

Thanks to all Reston residents who responded to our CPR survey in April! You gave a resounding message to the Fairfax Board of Supervisors regarding density in our community. Here is the survey, slightly reformatted from one we presented in our Reston community meeting on 23 April.  (CPR Reston survey_April 2018)



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The CPR Update: first issue of our newsletter!

CPR Community Meeting: Our community meeting on April 23 was attended by well over 150 residents. After kickoff comments by Reston Association (RA) Vice-President Sridhar Ganesan, CPR leaders stepped through our concerns over the pace and extent of development; announced that Supervisor Hudgins has agreed to meetings between CPR and Fairfax staff, suspending (at least temporarily) any action on the proposed increase in the density cap; provided a summary of the CPR survey results on Reston development; and outlined some next steps for our many volunteers. (The full video of the meeting is on YouTube, though the sound quality is not as robust as we had hoped.)

Our plan is to hold three workshops for the 300-plus individuals who offered to help step up our engagement with Fairfax officials. We are looking at three broad areas where volunteers would be invaluable: (1) taking the lead in Continue reading “The CPR Update: first issue of our newsletter!”