These links provide CPR and RA’s letters and statements regarding Supervisor Hudgins’ proposal to increase the density cap for Reston’s Planned Residential Community (PRC), including CPR and RA’s request that the Reston Master Plan be reopened for amendment and clarification with greater community input:

  • CPR letter (30 Nov 2018) to Supervisor Hudgins, formally objecting to bringing the proposed increase in Reston’s PRC density until Fairfax County has provided the additional data that County staff agreed to deliver during the four working group meetings this summer. CPR Letter to Supervisor Hudgins 11.29.18
  • CPR response (24 April 2018) to Supervisor Hudgins’ letter, noting CPR’s commitment to working together to find common ground and a path forward and welcoming her suspension of any further action on increasing the density cap in the meantime. CPR Letter to Supervisor Hudgins 4.24.18
  • Letter from Supervisor Hudgins to CPR on 23 April 2018, reiterating the past position of Fairfax County staff that the increase is needed to fully implement the Reston Master Plan but noting that her staff will be reaching out to Reston Association, CPR, and County planning staff to schedule a meeting on next steps. Supervisor Hudgins’ Response to CPR’s April 12, 2018 letter
  • RA President David Bobzien’s response (11 April 2018) to the same Fairfax P&Z letter, reiterating RA’s call for addressing infrastructure and other concerns before any decision or vote by the Board of Supervisors on raising the density cap.  RA Letter to Supervisor Hudgins_Apr 2018
  • CPR’s letter (30 March 2018) to Supervisor Hudgins, stating that the P&Z response does not adequately address the issues RA and CPR have raised and does not follow through on agreed-upon next steps, such as joint meetings with County staff on zoning, transportation, parks, and schools, among other topics. Coalition for a Planned Reston Letter to Supervisor Hudgins 3.30.18
  • Fairfax P&Z Director Fred Selden’s letter (28 March 2018) to Supervisor Hudgins, informing her that his staff rejected reopening the RMP for community discussion, nor do they support changing land use, density or intensity recommendations in the transit station areas and village centers for at least another year. Fairfax P&Z letter of 28 Mar 2018
  • CPR letter (5 February 2018) to Supervisor Hudgins requesting changes to the RMP that clarify affordable housing expectations; provide clearer guidelines for redeveloping Reston village centers; and phase in transportation and public facilities improvements during (not after) redevelopment, among other issues. CPR proposal to Sup Hudgins_5 Feb 2018
  • Reston Association (RA) letter (17 November 2017) to Supervisor Cathy Hudgins  requesting that the Reston Master Plan (RMP) be amended to reinsert an overall residential population cap; to examine (similar to the Tysons Master Plan) how the current pace of development compares to infrastructure (transportation, schools, open space, etc) and that new and binding commitments for additional infrastructure be identified. RA letter to Sup Hudgins_Nov 2017