Planning Commission Rejects Cap Increase

On Wednesday evening the Planning Commission voted to recommend that the Fairfax Board of Supervisors not approve the proposed zoning amendment to increase the density cap for the Reston Planned Residential Community (PRC) areas. While the Board of Supervisors has the discretion to ignore the Planning Commission’s recommendation, CPR is hopeful that the Board of Supervisors will agree, and implement recommendations by the Commission to engage the public further.

The Planning Commission’ recommendations reflect the sense of the Reston community, through your letters, emails, phone calls, and direct participation in opposition to the density increase. Clearly the future of Reston as a planned community relies on engaged citizens. CPR will continue to keep you informed about the density cap issue and appreciates the commitment of Restonians to the values of our community: diversity, environmental stewardship, and quality of life for all.


Write to the Board, attend the Plan Comm meeting

As Fairfax County moves forward with the process to approve an amendment to increase the density cap in Reston, CPR asks that you write to the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commissioners (contact info provided below) and plan to attend the January 23 meeting of the Planning Commission at the Fairfax County Government Center at 7:00 pm. If possible, please wear YELLOW. (Yellow CPR t-shirts can be purchased by emailing More details about this meeting will be shared in the coming days.

The following Reston Now article by Reston Citizens Association President Dennis Hays provides CPR’s view on why the amendment is unnecessary and damaging to Reston. Feel free to borrow in your email and letters to County officials.

Ten Reasons to Keep PRC cap at 13

Fairfax County has proposed to increase the population cap of the Reston Planned Residential Community district (PRC) from the long-standing 13 persons per acre (ppa) to as many as 15 persons per acre — which, when combined with already approved projects, would add an additional 30,000 people above our current population for the established, primarily residential areas of Reston. Please keep in mind this doesn’t include the areas around the Metro, where the county is on track to authorize building enough high rises to add an additional 80,000 residents.

Here are 10 reasons why the cap should be left alone. There Continue reading “Write to the Board, attend the Plan Comm meeting”

Supervisor Hudgins Reneges on Commitment

Supervisor Hudgins Reneges on Commitment to Reston Residents – Announces Unilateral Move to Massively Increase Density 

Supervisor Hudgins announced on Monday her decision to proceed with the process for Fairfax Board of Supervisor approval of a zoning amendment to increase the zoning density in the Reston Planned Residential Community (PRC) District.  Despite a commitment to complete engagement with the Reston community before commencing the formal zoning approval process, Supervisor Hudgins requested that the proposed zoning amendment be presented to the Board of Supervisors on December 4, 2018 as the initial step for final approval early in 2019.

The zoning amendment originally called for 16 persons per acre. Hudgins’ announcement states that the zoning amendment will be advertised as from 13-15 persons per acre. The amendment also would permit higher density in Continue reading “Supervisor Hudgins Reneges on Commitment”

CPR press release: dialogue with Reston residents will continue

Coalition for a Planned Reston

A voluntary group of residents from the Reston Citizens Association, Reclaim Reston, and Reston 20/20


April 27, 2018

CPR Thanks Supervisor Hudgins for Keeping Proposed Zoning Amendment off County Calendars as Dialogue With Reston Residents Continues

Following an energetic meeting of over 150 Reston residents on Monday evening, April 23, Coalition for a Planned Reston (CPR) sent a letter to Supervisor Hudgins expressing appreciation for supporting small group discussions and a continued hold on any action by County staff to move their proposed amendments forward. CPR held the meeting to Continue reading “CPR press release: dialogue with Reston residents will continue”