Parks, Recreation, Open Space, & Athletic Facilities Meeting of July 18

This letter, prepared by CPR Discussion Leader (and Reston Citizens Association President) Dennis Hays after last week’s joint RA/CPR/Fairfax County working group meeting to discuss the status of parks, recreation, open space, and athletic facilities, drawing from guidance in the Comprehensive Plan (Reston portion). It was sent to Supervisor Hudgins and other attendees yesterday, and RCA posted it today on their website. We’re sharing it here to in the interest of broadening awareness of the topics included in the meeting, as well as of the next steps and information-gathering pledged by both Fairfax County and CPR/RA representatives.

Reston Association has posted the full video of the meeting on their YouTube channel.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Dear Supervisor Hudgins:

Thank you again for working with the CPR/RA coalition to help develop a better public understanding of the issues involved in the proposed Reston PRC amendments.  We appreciate your dedication and hard work on behalf of Reston and your making available to us the County officials most responsible for working on these issues.  We also wish to thank Goldie Harrison of your staff for her tireless efforts to pull everyone together at the same time and place!

On July 18th, the Parks, Recreation, Open Space, & Athletic Facilities group met.  We began the meeting by looking for high-level areas where we had common ground and common goals, conforming to the Reston Master Plan.  This proved very successful and we had unanimous agreement that:

  • Parks, open space, athletic facilities are essential to the health, wealth and well-being of a community.  Open space has direct physical and mental health benefits, is environmentally key to having a safe and productive landscape and brings direct and indirect economic rewards;
  • A fundamental characteristic of Reston has been a commitment to preserve natural areas and integrate open space throughout the community;
  • Development will be phased with infrastructure;
  • High quality open space will be required; and
  • Public participation in planning and zoning will continue to be the community’s foundation.

We then set a framework for Continue reading “Parks, Recreation, Open Space, & Athletic Facilities Meeting of July 18”


25 June Reston P&Z meeting notes

Cross-posting here from our Facebook group.

25 Jun P&Z mtg

These are my notes from last night’s Reston Planning & Zoning meeting on two of the three projects being discussed: 11111 Sunset Hills and Isaac Newton Square. (I left about 9:50 and so missed the Fellowship House discussion—if anyone stayed for that, please share your notes!)  And thanks to the yellow t-shirts in the audience for attending!

Biggest personal takeaway/concern for each proposal:

–11111 Sunset Hills developers have opted not to go to the Reston Design Review Board. They aren’t required to consult DRB, but the developer for one of last week’s projects (CoreSite server farm on Sunrise Valley) did take the initiative to do so and also incorporated DRB requests into the proposal. This fits my definition of being a good community neighbor by taking the time and initiative to respect Reston’s hard-earned reputation for excellence in planning. (Just my opinion here.)

–Isaac Newton Square could have as many as 3,200 new units, as permitted by the Comp Plan. With that much density, it is unclear whether the three existing small roads out of the Square (Isaac Newton Square North and South, which both open east onto Wiehle, and the third crossing south across the W&OD trail and opening onto Sunset Hills) would be sufficient to handle traffic. This could conceivably add pressure to approve the Road from Nowhere that cuts across Hidden Creek to ease traffic. (Again, just my opinion.)

If you attended and have other comments to add, please share! Thanks

The CPR Update, June 2018

On May 14, 2018, representatives of Coalition for a Planned Reston (CPR) and Reston Association (RA) met with Supervisor Cathy Hudgins and Fairfax County staff to resume discussions of the modifications to the Reston Master Plan that CPR had proposed in February. CPR believes that these reasonable changes to the Master Plan will eliminate the perceived need for the County’s proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance to raise the density cap of the Reston Planned Residential Community (PRC) district.

CPR and RA representatives and the County reached agreement to engage in small group working sessions on four subjects of great significance to the future of Reston:

  1. Transportation,
  2. Schools and Public Facilities,
  3. Parks, Recreation and Open Space, and
  4. Planning (Neighborhoods, Village Centers, Town Center).

Mr. Fred Selden, Fairfax County Director of Continue reading “The CPR Update, June 2018”

Rescue Reston: North Course Update

Reposting here Rescue Reston’s latest update on the status of Hidden Creek Golf Course, recently purchased by a developer. We’re sharing this to broaden awareness of a significant threat to the existence of this 164-acre recreational green space on Reston’s north side and also to encourage all to take Rescue Reston’s short survey (click here!). To be added to Rescue Reston’s newsletter list, please contact 

Rescue Reston: North Course Update, 15 May 2018

Momentum Continues to Build

On April 23, 2018, Rescue Reston’s North Course Committee had an opportunity to update attendees of the Coalition for a Planned Reston Community Meeting at Reston association.

Fairfax County’s pursuit of a density increase in the PRC (Planned Residential Community) District from 13 to 16 persons per acre would impact the development of Hidden Creek Golf Course. In addition, the “Road from Nowhere” presents a direct threat by laying the groundwork for future golf course development. Reston Citizens Association President Dennis Hays addresses these issues in a 14-minute presentation that is worth viewing.

A letter of response to the Coalition for a Planned Reston’s April 12th letter Continue reading “Rescue Reston: North Course Update”