CPR formally objects to PRC zoning ordinance plans

Yesterday, the Coalition for a Planned Reston sent the following letter to Supervisor Hudgins, as well as to the other members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, formally objecting to the Supervisor’s plan to bring the proposed increase in Reston’s PRC zoning density before the Board on Tuesday, 4 December. (A pdf of the letter can be downloaded from the Correspondence section of this website.) The Reston Association Board of Directors has also sent a separate letter, reiterating identical concerns.

November 29, 2018

Dear Supervisor Hudgins:

The Coalition for a Planned Reston (CPR) is deeply concerned and dismayed by the announcement that you have requested County staff to move forward with the proposed PRC Zoning Ordinance Amendment.  For the reasons explained below, we strongly urge you to withdraw your request immediately and to complete the community dialogue to which you committed.

This past summer your staff, County officials and representatives from the Reston Association (RA) and CPR met in four working groups to examine significant issues arising from the Revised Reston Master Plan, which Continue reading “CPR formally objects to PRC zoning ordinance plans”


CPR letter to Supervisor Hudgins (1 Aug 2018)

This letter was sent by the Coalition for a Planned Reston to Supervisor Hudgins to urge her to continue suspending further action on a zoning amendment to increase the density of Reston’s Planned Residential Community (PRC) area while discussions and information-sharing efforts are ongoing between the Reston community and Fairfax County staff. 


CPR letter to Supervisor Hudgins-1 Aug 2018

Dear Madam Supervisor:

On Monday evening we completed the initial round of four small group public meetings to discuss areas of citizens’ concerns with the County’s proposal to increase the overall person per acre limitation for the Reston Planned Residential Community (PRC) from 13 to16 persons per acre, and to provide authority for the Board of Supervisors to approve individual development in excess of 50 dwelling units per acre Continue reading “CPR letter to Supervisor Hudgins (1 Aug 2018)”

Support these P&Z recommendations

The Fairfax County Planning Commission will vote on Thursday, 3 May 2018, at 7:30 pm on an application by TH Holding which proposes to build a hotel at the southern edge of Business Center Drive, just north of the hockey rink and W&OD trail.

Fairfax Planning & Zoning staff is recommending that the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors deny several portions of this application because TH Holding wants to cut its funding contributions to both the Reston Road Fund and to Reston recreational and athletic facilities by two-thirds, for a net reduction of $741,375, a significant loss given that our Reston resources in both areas are already stretched thin. (Here are the P&Z recommendations: Fairfax P&Z analysis_TH Holding_May 2018)

It is important that we back the P&Z staff recommendation to deny these requests.  If the Planning Commission and, subsequently, the Board of Supervisors approve the application over staff objections, this will set a troubling precedent for all future development in Reston, whether in the Transit Station Area next to the Toll Road or in the Planned Residential Community areas where we live. Continue reading “Support these P&Z recommendations”

CPR welcomes Supervisor Hudgins’ support for joint meetings

Just before our Monday (23 April) community meeting, CPR received a letter from Supervisor Hudgins, affirming her support for small group meetings at which CPR, RA, and Fairfax County planning staff would meet to address key development issues, such as zoning densities, transportation, parks, and schools. Nevertheless, she also reaffirmed her support for raising the density cap for Reston’s planned residential community areas, particularly in the village centers and the area around the Home Depot (Baron Cameron and Reston Parkway).

CPR leaders responded today to Supervisor Hudgins, welcoming her proposal while also reiterating CPR’s longstanding commitment to ensuring that the whole of Reston should remain a livable, vibrant, welcoming, and diverse community, and opposing the proposed density amendments as something Continue reading “CPR welcomes Supervisor Hudgins’ support for joint meetings”