About Us

The community-wide organizations Reclaim Reston, Reston 20/20 and Reston Citizens Association, which have advocated for fair and effective Fairfax County land use policies, have joined forces to help keep Reston a planned community. Working together we are Coalition for a Planned Reston (CPR).

In order to ensure that Reston will continue being a world-renowned planned, environmentally friendly, and welcoming community, CPR supports:

  1. Retaining the Planned Residential Community (PRC) density cap of 13 persons per acre.
  2. Re-adopting into the Reston Master Plan a reasonable population limit for “One Reston” (PRC and Transit Station Areas, combined).
  3. Requiring that infrastructure be phased in with development and not tacked on years later.

Why are these our goals?

  • We emphasize Reston’s founding purpose as a planned community and a diverse, environmentally-friendly oasis from sprawl. A planned community is open to new people, businesses and ideas, but committed to its planning principles. A planned community has open space for all, and a quality of life based on an existing infrastructure, not future plans and promises. As a planned community Reston was uniquely designed to be a place for people of all ages, backgrounds and means to live, work and play.
  • We welcome all to share the beauty and amenities of our town; and we want all, current and future residents, to be able to enjoy the quality of life, education, and affordable housing that are the hallmarks of Reston.
  • We want our public officials to join with an informed public in re-establishing a plan for Reston’s future that includes reasonable growth that is always in phase with infrastructure—roads, parks and recreation, schools and public safety.

We welcome our neighboring communities and all who live, recreate, work, shop, or simply travel in or through Reston to support our efforts.