Fairfax County, RA/CPR public work sessions

Fairfax County will hold public work sessions to address four key areas of concern as expressed by Reston Association and the Coalition for a Planned Reston regarding the impact of Fairfax County’s proposed increase in density for the Reston Planned Residential Community area.
These sessions are open to the public and begin 6 p.m.:
At 12005 Sunrise Valley:
July 17: Transportation
July 18: Parks and Recreation
At 12001 Sunrise Valley:
July 24: Schools/Infrastructure, Fire and Rescue
July 30: Planning & Village Centers

How to measure density

This helpful guide by the Density Atlas explains three common measures of density:

  • Building Density as measured by the Floor-Area Ratio (or FAR), which describes the intensity of development;
  • Dwelling Unit Density as measured by number of marketable dwelling units (DU) on a given parcel of land; and
  • Population Density (POP) as measured by the number of people residing on a given parcel.

Each of these measures a different aspect of density and each is helpful in understanding the intensity of development being proposed. In meetings where proposed developments are being discussed here in Reston, FAR and Continue reading “How to measure density”

25 June Reston P&Z meeting notes

Cross-posting here from our Facebook group.

25 Jun P&Z mtg

These are my notes from last night’s Reston Planning & Zoning meeting on two of the three projects being discussed: 11111 Sunset Hills and Isaac Newton Square. (I left about 9:50 and so missed the Fellowship House discussion—if anyone stayed for that, please share your notes!)  And thanks to the yellow t-shirts in the audience for attending!

Biggest personal takeaway/concern for each proposal:

–11111 Sunset Hills developers have opted not to go to the Reston Design Review Board. They aren’t required to consult DRB, but the developer for one of last week’s projects (CoreSite server farm on Sunrise Valley) did take the initiative to do so and also incorporated DRB requests into the proposal. This fits my definition of being a good community neighbor by taking the time and initiative to respect Reston’s hard-earned reputation for excellence in planning. (Just my opinion here.)

–Isaac Newton Square could have as many as 3,200 new units, as permitted by the Comp Plan. With that much density, it is unclear whether the three existing small roads out of the Square (Isaac Newton Square North and South, which both open east onto Wiehle, and the third crossing south across the W&OD trail and opening onto Sunset Hills) would be sufficient to handle traffic. This could conceivably add pressure to approve the Road from Nowhere that cuts across Hidden Creek to ease traffic. (Again, just my opinion.)

If you attended and have other comments to add, please share! Thanks

Thanks, CPR supporters! (Plus, another P&Z meeting!)

Hello CPR supporters!

I’m posting the agenda for Monday evening’s Reston P&Z meeting (6.25.18 P and Z agenda) but wanted to share some additional thoughts.

First, for all who attended last Monday’s P&Z meeting (18 June), please accept our heartfelt thanks. Someone who attends regularly said there are usually only 4-5 residents present at these meetings. But Monday at least 15 people were there, including several up on the front Continue reading “Thanks, CPR supporters! (Plus, another P&Z meeting!)”