You spoke. We’re listening.

Thanks to the many CPR volunteers who responded to our survey of how we can best help you learn more about density and development issues in Reston and become even more engaged in the overall development process. Here are key highlights of what you told us:

In terms of what CPR volunteers would like to do,

  • 45% were interested in direct engagement by attending public meetings of Reston and Fairfax boards;
  • 38% want to help with communications to ensure neighbors are informed;
  • 31% are willing to help boost our message on social media;
  • 25% want to assist in researching specific development proposals or how other communities handle development; and
  • 10% have offered to help shape strategic communications and expand media contacts.

In terms of the specific information our volunteers most want to know more about (either through in-person workshops or Continue reading “You spoke. We’re listening.”

Rescue Reston: North Course Update

Reposting here Rescue Reston’s latest update on the status of Hidden Creek Golf Course, recently purchased by a developer. We’re sharing this to broaden awareness of a significant threat to the existence of this 164-acre recreational green space on Reston’s north side and also to encourage all to take Rescue Reston’s short survey (click here!). To be added to Rescue Reston’s newsletter list, please contact 

Rescue Reston: North Course Update, 15 May 2018

Momentum Continues to Build

On April 23, 2018, Rescue Reston’s North Course Committee had an opportunity to update attendees of the Coalition for a Planned Reston Community Meeting at Reston association.

Fairfax County’s pursuit of a density increase in the PRC (Planned Residential Community) District from 13 to 16 persons per acre would impact the development of Hidden Creek Golf Course. In addition, the “Road from Nowhere” presents a direct threat by laying the groundwork for future golf course development. Reston Citizens Association President Dennis Hays addresses these issues in a 14-minute presentation that is worth viewing.

A letter of response to the Coalition for a Planned Reston’s April 12th letter Continue reading “Rescue Reston: North Course Update”

Two transportation projects open for public comment

CPR followers have asked that we start posting notices about public comment periods for development and transportation projects.

Fairfax County has listed two projects in Reston for possible funding by the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority. Both involve adding new arteries across the Dulles Toll Road to Continue reading “Two transportation projects open for public comment”

Meet the CPR South Reston outreach coordinator

It is our pleasure to introduce Walt Culver as our new volunteer CPR South Reston outreach coordinator.

Walt and his wife, Sylvia, have lived in Reston, Virginia, since 2000.  He was elected Secretary of the Mallard’s Landing Cluster Association in 2012.  His past volunteer service in our community has also included being Executive Vice President of the Fairfax Symphony as well as President of the Fairfax Education Foundation.

Walt enjoyed a long career as one of the nation’s senior executives in information technology.  He is a Founding Member of the Great Lakes Energy Institute Advisory Board at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in Cleveland, Ohio, after some years as board chairman. In addition, he is a member of CWRU’s School of Engine­ering Visiting Committee.

As our CPR South Reston Outreach Coordinator, Walt has already started working on contacting every cluster and neighborhood south of the Dulles Toll Road to make sure as many residents as possible are aware of the proposed increase in the density cap for Reston’s Planned Residential Community (PRC) areas. Walt’s second goal in this effort is to identify at least one (ideally two) points of contact in each cluster or neighborhood so that we can build a stronger chain of communications with residents. And Walt will also serve as yet another channel back to CPR leadership for any questions or suggestions that Reston residents may have about the density cap, community engagement on development issues, or other issues.

Walt can be contacted at Please welcome him!