CPR press release: dialogue with Reston residents will continue

Coalition for a Planned Reston

A voluntary group of residents from the Reston Citizens Association, Reclaim Reston, and Reston 20/20


April 27, 2018

CPR Thanks Supervisor Hudgins for Keeping Proposed Zoning Amendment off County Calendars as Dialogue With Reston Residents Continues

Following an energetic meeting of over 150 Reston residents on Monday evening, April 23, Coalition for a Planned Reston (CPR) sent a letter to Supervisor Hudgins expressing appreciation for supporting small group discussions and a continued hold on any action by County staff to move their proposed amendments forward. CPR held the meeting to Continue reading “CPR press release: dialogue with Reston residents will continue”

View from a Reston resident: Post reporter misunderstood the issues

Earlier this week, the Washington Post published an article by Lori Aratani on the proposed increase in Reston’s density cap, taking at face value the view of Fairfax government officials that adding intense, high-rise development to Reston’s planned community is desirable, and presenting uncritically Fairfax County staff’s decision to reject CPR and RA’s request to reopen the Reston Master Plan and re-examine density.

Reston resident David Okerson wrote to Ms. Aratani to offer a different opinion and rebut her assertions. His letter is published here with his permission.

*   *   *   *   *

Ms. Aratani,

I am concerned that you have seriously misunderstood the questions involved in the proposal to change the zoning rules regarding Reston.  It may not be possible for you to un-write what you have written, but I suggest you should be much more careful next time.

You accurately captured the degree to which the Fairfax County government and Reston’s own County Supervisor hold in contempt the opinions of the people they supposedly represent who live in Reston.  What you missed is why.  Neither the Fairfax County government nor Continue reading “View from a Reston resident: Post reporter misunderstood the issues”

CPR welcomes Supervisor Hudgins’ support for joint meetings

Just before our Monday (23 April) community meeting, CPR received a letter from Supervisor Hudgins, affirming her support for small group meetings at which CPR, RA, and Fairfax County planning staff would meet to address key development issues, such as zoning densities, transportation, parks, and schools. Nevertheless, she also reaffirmed her support for raising the density cap for Reston’s planned residential community areas, particularly in the village centers and the area around the Home Depot (Baron Cameron and Reston Parkway).

CPR leaders responded today to Supervisor Hudgins, welcoming her proposal while also reiterating CPR’s longstanding commitment to ensuring that the whole of Reston should remain a livable, vibrant, welcoming, and diverse community, and opposing the proposed density amendments as something Continue reading “CPR welcomes Supervisor Hudgins’ support for joint meetings”

Thanks for attending the CPR meeting!

Many thanks to the 150-plus Reston and Fairfax residents who attended last night’s community meeting on CPR and RA’s efforts against the proposal to raise the PRC density cap in Reston and ways for the community to be even more involved.

We’ve created a new Volunteer Resources section to share information and resources for becoming more involved. This section will expand quickly as we add the CPR survey results and information on upcoming volunteer working groups.

As promised in last night’s meeting, here is suggested language to use in writing letters to the Fairfax Board of Supervisors: Suggested building blocks for email-letters to BOS (UPDATED) 4.15.18

Here’s the list of the email addresses for the Board of Supervisors: BOS email addresses. We recommend sending Continue reading “Thanks for attending the CPR meeting!”