Community call to action

The community’s voices are the most powerful means of assuring that Reston remains a planned, diverse, and welcoming community. Please make sure yours is heard!


Representatives from the Coalition for a Planned Reston (CPR) and Reston Association (RA) met with Supervisor Hudgins and representatives of the Fairfax County Planning & Zoning and Transportation Departments on 24 January 2018 to discuss the county zoning amendment that would increase the density cap from 13 to 16 persons per acre in the Planned Residential Community (PRC).

  • CPR representatives proposed specific amendments to the Reston Master Plan, including the removal of an unexplained road bisecting a portion of the Hidden Creek Country Club golf course.

Our proposals:

  • Postpone Fairfax County’s review of the zoning amendment until the county can hold additional meetings with the public.
  • Improve the Reston Master Plan so as to eliminate the county’s perceived need to increase the density cap.

Where we are now:

Supervisor Hudgins appeared open to further discussions BUT the Fairfax County Zoning administrator, Leslie Johnson, is reluctant to slow down the process Continue reading “Community call to action”


Sign the petition!

Your voice counts!

Please sign our petition to temporarily slow down additional development in Reston until there is a realistic plan for additional infrastructure (roads, schools, parks) in place. This will be helpful in making our case to the Board of Supervisors in the coming weeks.

And after you’ve signed, please forward the link to friends and neighbors and encourage them to sign as well.

Thank you!

More development, stagnant home prices?

The latest statistics on real estate sales in Reston show stagnant prices, despite a relatively strong real estate market in 2017 (which normally would translate to a seller’s market and rising prices). Check out this article in The Patch that cites data by realtor Eve Thompson and suggests that the flood of new development may be behind it. (Here’s her original post in Reston Now with more details.)

PRC Zoning Amendment Update

This is a message from the Coalition for a Planned Reston (CPR), a volunteer group of residents from the Reston Citizens Association, Reclaim Reston, and Reston 20/20, who are concerned with planning and zoning issues that threaten our planned, diverse and welcoming community. 

Winter has arrived with a fury and the struggle continues to stop Fairfax County’s effort to pass a zoning amendment increasing the density of Reston. Here is an update of what you may have missed during the holidays:

What we didn’t hear: Continue reading “PRC Zoning Amendment Update”