Washingtonian: “Boom” coming to Reston

According to Patch, Washingtonian Magazine has flagged Reston as among the areas in the metropolitan area that will be seeing a development boom. The most interesting (disturbing?) comment in the paragraph on Reston was this: With the second phase of the Silver Line inching closer to completion, a slew of new development is on track to keep Reston relevant into the future.

The Patch article also includes an artist’s rendition of one of the proposed new buildings:


Thanks to Reston resident Craig C. for flagging this article to our attention!


Fairfax to Reston: Heads we win, tails you lose

Reston 20/20’s op-ed (reprinted here with their permission) points out that Fairfax County has changed the Reston Master Plan (with no/no community input) since it was finalized in 2014, even though County staff now rejects requests by Reston Association and Coalition for a Planned Reston to reopen and modify the Plan to clarify ambiguities and place reasonable limits on development. Read on for more details.

The County Needs “Practice” in Telling the Truth

As a result of the County’s unwillingness to consider Reston plan amendments proposed by the community, Restonians are facing the end of their planned community, a community that has balanced people and nature to maximize quality of life for more than a half century.

County staff stated in a letter dated March 28, 2018:  “(I)t has long been the county’s practice not to amend these new plans within the first five years of their adoption. . . Staff continues to support this practice and cannot support changes to land use, density or intensity recommendations in the Reston Master Plan Continue reading “Fairfax to Reston: Heads we win, tails you lose”

RA statement on Fairfax County rejection of RA, CPR proposals

Please take a moment to view the statement by RA President David Bobzien (which begins in the attached video at timestamp 1:46:10). (The transcript of the letter can also be found in our Resources section.)

CPR letter to Supervisor Hudgins on moving forward with density increases

Coalition for a Planned Reston 

A voluntary group of residents from the Reston Citizens Association, Reclaim Reston, and Reston 20/20

April 10, 2018

Dear Madam Supervisor:

We are writing on behalf of Coalition for a Planned Reston regarding the status of your commitment to facilitate working sessions with CPR and County staff. We are aware that you informed Leadership Fairfax that the County would be “moving forward” with zoning density amendment, and request your clarification whether this means that you are withdrawing your willingness to proceed with the process discussed in our meeting of February 13.

CPR was established to help educate the residents of the greater Reston community about issues that directly affect our lives — and the lives of our children and grandchildren. As you are aware, the County is proposing significant changes Continue reading “CPR letter to Supervisor Hudgins on moving forward with density increases”

Seeking Your Feedback and Attendance at Community Meeting

CPR is seeking feedback from the community on Fairfax County’s rejection of our proposals to amend the Reston Master Plan.

Please complete the Survey Questions and attend the Community Meeting on April 23 at 7:00pm at the Reston Association offices, 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive.

We will share the survey results and discuss the community’s next steps.

Take the Survey Now!


CPR leaders interviewed on density concerns

This interview, posted on the Reston2020 blog and on YouTube, is with three of our key leaders in the Coalition for a Planned Reston: Bruce Ramo (Reclaim Reston), Dennis Hays (Reston Citizens Association), and Terry Maynard (Reston2020).

In this video, they explain in detail and with clarity the core issues of concern with the ongoing development and the proposal that Fairfax County’s Board of Supervisors increase the density cap in Reston’s planned residential community from 13 to 16. The impact is significant on our quality of life, transportation infrastructure, school overcrowding, and loss of green space, all of which were part of Reston’s original core design values.

This is 60 minutes long but is well worth watching.

Fairfax County response to CPR, RA requests

On March 28, Fairfax County officials sent their formal response to Supervisor Cathy Hudgins regarding requests by the Coalition for a Planned Reston (CPR) and by Reston Association (RA) requesting that the vote on any increase to the density cap for Reston’s Planned Residential Community not be held until the Reston Master Plan has been amended to reflect the community’s input on density, infrastructure, and development.

In response, Fairfax Planning & Zoning staff recommends against reopening the Reston Master Plan for amendments and does not support changing land use, density or intensity in transit station areas until after 2019 and in village centers until after 2020. They are open to considering some changes to the Master Plan that clarify recommendations and correct oversights.

This letter, in full, can be linked from our new Correspondence page (under the Resources & Correspondence menu tab). (The original letters from RA and CPR to Supervisor Hudgins are also posted on the Correspondence page.)

CPR leadership is finalizing its response to Supervisor Hudgins and will release that shortly.