View of a Reston resident: Allow changes to the Master Plan

A.S., a concerned Reston resident, recently wrote to every member of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to express objections to the proposed increase in density for Reston’s Planned Residential Community (PRC) area. The writer urged Supervisors to support CPR’s recommendations for managing growth in the PRC and reopen the Reston Master Plan for reasonable changes, and then closed by raising issues of personal importance.

Your phone calls and letters do matter. They reinforce to our elected officials that voters are indeed paying attention to an issue of critical importance to our community. Thank you, A.S., for writing and sharing this letter with us! (Please see our FAQs page for Board email addresses!)


Dear Supervisor Hudgins,

As a resident of Fairfax County for more than twenty years, I support the recommendations made by the Coalition for a Planned Reston for managing growth Continue reading “View of a Reston resident: Allow changes to the Master Plan”


Fox 5 Zip Trip in Reston Town Center!

Just learned that our local Fox 5 television station will be broadcasting its morning show from Reston Town Center this Friday, 22 June, from 7:00 am to 11:00 am. If you work in RTC or are able to go by, please do and let them know what you think of Reston density — and then let us know what you told them. Thanks in advance!

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 8.27.14 PM.png

Reston P&Z Board, 18 June

The published agenda for the Reston Planning & Zoning Board meeting on 18 June is attached here:  6.18.18 P and Z agenda

Specific projects to be discussed and voted on include:

  • 11111 Sunset Hills — informational, request to rezone the property (across the street from the US Post Office) to permit the construction of 426,678 square feet of new development, including 13 townhouses and a 175-unit condo/apartment building, as well as 226,678 square feet of office or other space.
  • Sunrise Technology Center (aka Core Site) — rezoning request for 12369A, 12343 and 12379 Sunrise Valley (west of the Geological Survey complex) to convert existing buildings into a data center complex.
  • Reston Town Center West/JBG — request to rezone the site at 12100, 12110, and 12120 Sunset Hills Road to allow the construction of two new multi-family residential buildings (675,000 square feet) and three new office buildings (650,000 square feet).
  • Pulte/Sunrise Valley — request to rezone 12700 Sunrise Valley Drive to allow 44 new townhouses and a parking garage

This meeting will begin at 7:30 Continue reading “Reston P&Z Board, 18 June”

Reston Design Review Board, 19 June

The full Design Review Board will be meeting on Tuesday, 19 June, at Reston Association HQ (12001 Sunrise Valley), starting at 7:00 pm. The full agenda is here:  6-19-18 FDRB Agenda

Among the projects being reviewed are three that may be of interest to the community — the South Lakes Village Center patio; the new Lake Anne Fellowship House and 60 new townhouses; and the new Kensington  Continue reading “Reston Design Review Board, 19 June”